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Marianne Gennaro aka

Spiritual Story Teller, Speaker, Designer,

Efclef Tour Director for 

The Peace On Earth Tour.



Gabriella's Circle Of Life Braclets 

Heart Of Kindness, Passion For Service

Marianne Gennaro aka Gabriella from a very young age has possessed a heart of kindness and a passion for service.

Her light is palpable as she seems to attract those who are most in need of light or hope.


Gabriella’s light, passion and tenacity is reflected in her life as she has emerged from dark shadows casted by that light, fought to raise 4 children as a single mother and held down a corporate position for many years building a foundation for her family.


Her creativity and drive to entertain came early through an interest in fashion, design and acting.

Though Gabriella’s home situation during adolescents did not support her creative interest. Her drive and passion for service led her to a place where the the darkest of humanity resided.

Gabriella served as a volunteer in a federal prison speaking and shedding light on the darkest of us!


Gabriella, after leaving a corporate position to pursue her passions has uncovered hidden talents and revived old ones.

Her passion for photography and her natural eye is being 

cultivated and nourished,

Her creativity is being expressed through her designing, writing and storytelling.

This is Gabriella,

Heart Of Kindness, Passion For Service

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