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Behind The Music of Eddie Watkins Jr

It's always a blessing to serve at a spiritual center or church and perform my original music. Especially since I have been a part of so many secular hit records during my session bass player career recording the music of others.

To now have a passion and dream of my own to spread music of a high consciousness content is a dream come true!

Most of the places I serve are familiar with my music of the last decade and very often sing along knowing all the words and understanding the messages. There is a much larger vision for this music and message that unfolds daily.

I as someone who has suffered and recovered from obesity, alcoholism,

cigars, red bulls, gambling and a host of other frivolous pursuits have a story to share....and it's all in the music!

The soul of the music of which I sing is born of emotions, pain, pleasure, heartache, depression, elation and self discovery.

Yes there is a deeper story being told in this season of my life.

New city, new love, new direction and renewed energy and dedication.

Welcome to my blog!

Here I will share my ideas and plans for the future (which are HUGH!)

There is a movement towards, happiness, health, wealth and wholeness

in my life and in yours. We nourish ourselves with healthy choices made from the expanded awareness of who we really are.

Here is where you will always be reminded of how unique you are and how good life is. And how what we focus on grows and expands.

Stay tuned for the latest news.

Infinite Blessings


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