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Raise The Vibration!

This morning is especially auspicious as new revelations unfold and show themselves.

Some of you have met my mother who is visiting me here in Florida from my home town of Detroit Michigan.

It's very cold there and I felt so blessed to be in a position to

host her and give her some much needed TLC.

Her stay is 10 weeks....I expected her to stay for a week or two so quite naturally I had to make a huge adjustment from living as a bachelor walking around the house in my underwear, giving up my office / studio space and such to accommodate mom.

She is 84 now. I left home at 15 years old. She was 36 when I left home. My father made his transition almost a year and a half ago and they were married for 64 years!

Her health was declining so I began to give her my gifts of clarity such as a vegetarian life style, natural supplements,

juicing and activity every weekend where she attends the services I perform at AND a healthy dose of Rev. Michael Beckwith on a daily basis.

The transition has been amazing to say the least which feels awesome.

But the story here is about what she has given me.

I began to notice how she embraced everything presented to her. How she never complains about anything and ALWAYS gives God the glory. Looks for the best in people.

She has shown me where I get my positive attitude and tenacity from. She has a stint in one leg, diabetic and was not moving very well at all. Now she is climbing 15 steps up and down almost every day (I live on the second floor with no elevator). She is captivated by Michael and the best part is she is telling the rest of my family about Beckwith, eating healthy, meditation and her demonstration.

The vibration had been raised on what I had seen as an adjustment and even inconvenience at times to MY lifestyle.

I have always had a vision of one day having a home filled with instruments of every kind. I believe instruments call us to express God's genius even if we don't play well it's just a


As I am preparing for a new phase of serving in a secular setting (semantics cause it's all God to me) to supplement

my new position as music director of UCCL St Johns FL.

I am building tracks and learning songs to be brilliant beyond anything I have ever done before. (That's how I roll!)

Subsequently I had to move all of my gear to the bedroom.

This morning, I woke up to a vision realized! There are 2 pianos, 3 guitars 2 workstations and my computer.

I rolled out of bed and half asleep started playing the piano with such an amazing peace.....then the bass then the guitar. In that moment I realized

The vibration had been elevated by a simple shift of perspective. I was not crowded, I allowed it and was surrounded by what I love.

A morning filled with joy and the knowing that everything had always been OK. Everything that I deemed unfortunate or against me was always for my good and learning.

When I shy away from certain conversations or situation it's not that I am being exclusive or arrogant or dismissive. It's because many things are just not a vibrational match and I choose not to participate. It is my right, and It's the law.

What I focus on, what I speak, what I think manifests!!!!

Some people will approach you with stories of past traumas and dramas which have nothing to do with the present.

This is why I choose to walk away from low vibrations and


Everyday I walk away!

As I have traveled across the country and felt the love and energy from thousands of people, It dawned on me that the songs and the music have paved the way as a high vibration that resonates with those with ears to hear.

If you want to live the life of a high intention.

RAISE THE VIBRATION of your conversation, thoughts and perspective. My mother has had some very difficult times still

she never elaborates and details them. My sister has had challenges that many would call awful still she never complains. My Father may he rest in peace was a strong proud man who never complained even at deaths doorstep. He remained grateful for his blessings and his family.

I see why he married my mother and why it lasted 64 years.

They both learned how to get over it and move on whatever the challenge was, keeping faith and devotion at the center of their relationship.

So today and everyday, I urge you to consciously raise the vibration and don't look down.


Thank you Marianne Gennaro for the awesome photos...aimh

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